Electronic Bug Detection

At Empire, we take your privacy concerns seriously. Our team of professionals is dedicated to safeguarding your premises and vehicles from potential stalkers and spies, as well as any potential threats from former partners or corporate espionage.

We take pride in our ability to offer the most advanced security sweeps, ranging from residential to corporate. As experienced professionals in this field, we are aware of the evolving threat of spying and data theft, as well as the complex challenges posed by cutting-edge spying technology. However, thanks to our access to the newest technologies and our meticulous research, we can stay ahead of the game and provide our clients with the necessary protection against such threats.

Residential Bug Sweeps

With the advent of highly developed surveillance technology now on the rise, many people are utilising hidden cameras and microphones which can be easily acquired online to perpetrate stalking. This has caused a surge in domestic stalking where people of affluence or those who handle important information have become prime targets for those who eavesdrop.

Sadly, the everyday person is not immune in this day and age. Reasons why someone would infringe upon your privacy may include controlling partners, envious family members, impending court cases or neighbourhood disputes.

Secure your residence with our residential bug sweep conducted by our team of professionals who make your privacy their top concern, ensuring your home is safe from covert devices.

Corporate Bug Sweeps

Our bug sweeping services provide our clientele with peace of mind by ensuring their intellectual property is secure from corporate espionage.

Our sweeps conduct comprehensive searches in areas such as boardrooms and offices where confidential information is shared, preventing any potential data breaches.

Protect your business from malicious intent and safeguard your confidential information through our corporate bug sweep.

Vehicle Bug Sweeps

Be aware that in today’s world, GPS tracking devices are made in miniscule sizes and can be attached to the exterior of your vehicle without needing to gain access to the inside.

This means that anyone wishing to track your movements – such as a controlling partner, an ex-partner who is stalking you, or a business competitor – can easily place a GPS tracking device on the underside of your vehicle. If you have any concerns that you might be a target, it is important to take action and safeguard yourself.

Our team of experts can provide you with a vehicle bug sweep to ensure your car is not being tracked, maintaining your privacy as a priority.